Michael & Kelsey’s Engagement photos on film

Michael & Kelsey’s Engagement photos on film
engagement photo on film

Photo shot on Fuji 400 35mm film with Canon 1N

Shooting on Film

You know I love technology…(like the song from Napoleon Dynamite) and digital photography is here to stay, BUT it adds a whole dimension of excitement to make photos on film.  After all, that’s how I learned…on a Minolta 35mm camera I found in a box when my parents moved during my 2nd year of college.  It’s not that film is better than digital, it’s just different.  Different in the way it responds to light and the way it reproduces on paper.

medium format engagement phtoography

Shot on Fuji 400 Medium format film on Mamiya 645 with 80mm lens.

Digital has its advantages

The ability to make adjustments to a digital RAW file (a type of file that contains more information than a JPEG specifically to enable adjustments in post production) allows unique looks, and very pleasing black and white conversions.  Using a subtle toning process on digital images in post production can give them a much more pleasing look than simply removing the color by desaturation.

black and white engagement pictures

Digital photos converted to black and white using a special “toning formula” in Adobe Lightroom

michael and kelsey walking through a field walking through vineyard at Chattooga Belle Farm engagement pictures in vineyard vineyard near Greenville SC

Film’s Aesthetic

These particular engagement pictures of Michael and Kelsey that Kristina and I shot at Chattooga Belle Farm are a mixture of film and digital…you may be able to tell the difference.  Of course the couple is gorgeous, and so is the venue…the photos are already destined to be beautiful!  The choice to use film was simply to enjoy the organic nature of it and be able to visually enjoy the unique grain, color, and dynamic range of the images.

Check out their wedding photos.

couple in apple orchard shot on film engagement photos on film she said yes signs engagement pictures engagement pictures in apple orchard apple orchard at Chattooga Belle Farm

Photos ALWAYS look best printed…especially those shot on film!

The film has been scanned (I use Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood for scanning) so that it can be displayed digitally, but it looks best when printed. The images have NOT been manipulated digitally…these are the scans directly from the film.  Digital images can look great on the screen (although I’d still argue they look better in print too) but film especially looks best when printed.  We’ve got these in an album here in our studio gallery if you really want to see them at their best!

Barn at Chattooga Belle Farm

In order to get the clouds to show up in the background, a powerful studio flash and softbox was used to light the couple’s face.

engagement photos mountains near Greenville SC Cool lighting with mountains in backgroundmichael and kelsey engaged at Chattooga Belle Farmsunset at Chattooga Belle Farm silhouette kissing shot engagement

Check out their wedding photos. Check out another engagement session shot on film. facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestmail

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