Wedding Photography Trends in 2015

Wedding Photography Trends in 2015

Now that we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year, I’ve been able to confirm that most of the predictions I made near the end of 2014 are already beginning to come true!  Having talked to quite a few brides and grooms who are already well into the planning process for their 2015 weddings, these are some of the things that seem to be the most important or that are trending this year, at least for many of the Upstate South Carolina weddings.

Wedding styles and trends are constantly evolving (and revolving) and while all of the details are featured in your photos, here are a few things that have a direct effect on your wedding photography.

1. Engagement photos are a bigger deal than ever before!

An engagement photo session is a great opportunity to work with your photographer before the wedding and get some great pictures to share and build hype in the months leading to your wedding day. These sessions have always been important to some couples, but recently it seems as if the engagement session has entered the “can’t live without” category. With certain social media sites being unpredictable about what gets seen, sharing photos with friends and family on save-the-date photo cards are becoming more popular than they were a couple years ago.  Check out some of our recent engagement sessions.

save the date cards in fancy shapes

While sharing photos on social media has become commonplace, sending out photos as save-the-date cards is still top of the list for future brides and grooms.

2. Mobile apps and downloadable photo galleries are replacing the all-so-popular “disc of photos”.

Even photo slideshows are being streamed online. While printed albums are still the ultimate in long-term photo enjoyment, sharing photos with a mobile device is both convenient and allows you to share them with a larger audience. After all, many popular computers including laptops and mobile devices don’t even HAVE a disc drive anymore. Have DVDs already earned a spot on the shelf next to cassette tapes and floppy disks?

mobile wedding album

For couples wanting digital collections included in their wedding packages, mobile and downloadable galleries have become very popular.

3. A wedding dress AND a wedding reception dress.

Particularly appealing to brides who really want to take advantage of the dance floor, a second, but less formal wedding dress is a great option especially in summer months. If you want most of your photos in your primary wedding dress, you’ll have to work with your photographer to make sure the timeline can accommodate both looks.

Wedding dress front and back

Wedding dress worn during wedding ceremony.

second wedding dress worn for the end of the night

Second dress worn during reception until the end of the night.


4. Non-Church Christian Wedding Ceremonies are becoming more popular in Upstate South Carolina.

Whether or not they have a home church, many brides and grooms are opting to have their ceremonies at a non-church venue.  Many brides want to take advantage of the beautiful wedding venues in Greenville.  Some of the popular churches in the area have large congregations and just can’t accommodate the high demand from their numerous members.  Other churches meet in spaces that aren’t conducive to a wedding ceremony.  Greenville has become very popular for destination weddings, and the couple’s home church is elsewhere.  Whatever the reason, we’re seeing a movement toward non-church weddings both indoors and outside. This decision doesn’t seem to always be based on a religious preference, as many outdoor weddings are officiated by traditional clergy.

non-church wedding venue Old Cigar Warehouse

There are many popular wedding venues in Greenville.

5. Unplugged Weddings (Read: “Guests please leave your iPhones in your pocket.”)

Not necessarily a new concept in 2015, this trend is becoming more of a standard this year. We have social media to thank for exposing all of the botched photo moments due to some obnoxious wedding guest holding an iPad with a bright red cover 6 feet in the air upstaging the bride and groom. It’s become easier for more people to keep their phones in their pocket for fear of becoming featured in the next Facebook post about disrespecting a bride and groom’s efforts to invest in quality photographs of their special day. There’s nothing wrong with discreetly getting a few photos or video as long as it’s during an appropriate time.

sign for wedding asking people not to take pictures

Brides and grooms would prefer their guests enjoy their weddings instead of snapping photos with their mobile devices. This ensures that their hired photographer won’t be prevented from getting the photos that he/she was hired to get.


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